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Decathlon Deutschland's Cool Move: Sporty Sustainability Gets a Boost!

 Decathlon Deutschland is turning up the heat on sustainability with its groovy collaboration with Berlin's, an e-commerce startup. Together, they're supercharging the Circularity Service to make the future of fashion sportier and more sustainable. The game plan? To make rocking pre-loved sportswear and kicks from Decathlon's own labels the new cool, all in the name of creating a circular economy for sports gear.


Decathlon Deutschland isn't just talking the talk; it's walking the walk by encouraging teens to score some eco-friendly fashion points.

Forget the old-school ways – now, you can not only buy but also sell your pre-owned sports gear with Second Use and Buy Back options through the Circularity Services. And guess what? The startup's early wins show over 2,500 sports items have extended their "lifespan" in the last few months. That's faster than your favorite game's respawn time! Plus, who would've thought buying and selling would be such a blast? With an average rotation time of two to three days, the Buy Back service has even got kids jumping on the bandwagon, with more than half the action happening in the cool world of Kids-Bikes. High-five to a jaw-dropping 96% customer satisfaction rate – that's a winning streak!



Enter, the superhero sidekick helping merchants slay the re-commerce game. Formed in the cool-kid year of 2021, this Berlin-based logistics whiz takes care of all the nitty-gritty details of product resale for its business pals. You, the MVP (Most Valuable Participant), can ship your stuff to the hub using the Trade-In portal, and they handle the rest – from quality checks ("grading") to sprucing up footwear and clothing. It's like your wardrobe's personal makeover team, and the sold items strut their stuff on Decathlon's online stage at


Forclaz and Quechua Kickstart a Sustainable Textile Revolution
Get ready for a style revolution! Decathlon's own fashion-forward brands, Forclaz and Quechua, are taking the lead in the textile Buy Back game. With a starting price of just 35 euros, these brands are setting the stage for a trendsetting, sustainable textile cycle. And guess what? This eco-chic party is happening online, so even if your local Decathlon is miles away, you can still join the fashion fiesta. Keep your eyes on the Buy Back page for the latest categories dropping like the hottest beats.


In a powerhouse collaboration, Decathlon and have teamed up to create a marketplace for pre-loved athletic gear that's as stylish as it is eco-friendly. Michael Kiess, the maestro behind Decathlon Deutschland's Buy Back Project, is pumped about this partnership, calling it a giant leap in their environmental dance. Janis Künkler, the mastermind and CEO of, says it's a move towards a circular groove, giving Decathlon's crowd a chance to make their old threads boogie again.


Zero-Emissions Goals and Green Vibes by 2026


Decathlon isn't just playing the game; it's setting the rules. They've set the bar high, aiming for zero-emissions and a full lineup of Ecodesign items by 2026 – that's like reaching level 100 in the sustainability game! For Decathlon, Ecodesign isn't just a buzzword; it's a commitment to eco-friendly materials and processes, making every item a green dream from conception to production.


This rad update comes straight from Decathlon Deutschland SE & Co. KG – the squad making sustainable sportswear the hottest trend in town! 🌱🔥



Photo by Vishnu Prasad

Photo by Gleb Lucky

Photo by Almas Salakhov 

Photo by Paras Kapoor 



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