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Ewert and Friends: A Hub of Slow Fashion and Recycled Elegance in the Heart of Łódź

The shop “Ewert and friends” is the result of a collaboration between a famous Polish fashion designer Jarosław Ewert and Agnieszka  Biernat,  a former film producer from Łódź.

The shop is impressive from the entrance. It is located in an OFF loft in a former factory in the very centre of Łódź, a city that is historically known as a major textile producer and has an iconic place in the world of Polish fashion.

The soft, almost homely décor, lovingly chosen by the owners, immediately creates a feeling of cosiness...Carpets, armchairs, vintage furniture.... Remember, a cosy, homely and friendly atmosphere is so important for an art space where creative, non-basic clothes are presented. A place where you want to stop and sit on the sofa.

Collections - a small shop collected works of 20!!! Polish designers. Any style, any taste, united only by individuality and a special spirit of creativity and uniqueness of handmade work.

The shop has been open since May 2023 and is already famous in the country.

"Even people from Warsaw come to us, they favour our shop, given the special atmosphere and selection and the presence of so many designers together", says Agnieszka.

"Our first summer was great, in the loft off a large number of restaurants with outdoor summer terraces and the place is buzzing late, sometimes we closed at 11pm, given the huge number of customers. In winter - we operate on a normal schedule, we sell a little less, but we are happy."

-What is your idea, concept?

We are one of the few places where young Polish designers can present themselves. Most of them are students of the fashion department.

We also have a lot of customers in the form of students themselves, especially international students, who buy things from us when they go home or buy gifts.

We noticed you have several upcycling brands, our project has a special interest in designers working in this field.

"Yes, one of the brands- “ Experimere_te” . Here in the collection we have very popular denim scarves with prints, you can't imagine how many we sold and they're all different. Or here, a dress made out of ties. The second one “Rowk” -The black jackets are the highlight here, they never go unnoticed."

Agnieszka, how did you come into the fashion world?

"I worked in a film school for over 20 years and was a producer. Working in the film industry you start to appreciate the features and advantages of clothes and realise the value of individuality of each piece.

What are your secrets to success ?

"Love what you do and don't be afraid of non-standard timetables. We communicate individually with each of our guests, we offer tea and coffee. You know, we are not big fans of social media, we prefer more one-on-one conversations. But we are very happy to organise open fashion shows...By the way, we have just started planning a new spring one, come and visit us"




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