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History LINE, a sustainable Greek company, encourages creativity and fine motor abilities with youngsters.

Kiko Ηatzigianni is a fashion designer from Greece, specifically from Thessaloniki. 

After her extensive studies, she has been involved for the past 25 years in creating clothing and fabric prints for clothing export industries. She collaborates with a multitude of brands that invest in ecological awareness. She is inspired by everyday life and the reality she experiences. She uses innovative digital design to develop her creations since 1995.

She is a mother of two children and the inspiration for creating History LINE began when she noticed her children's intense interest and creative use of materials in her office. She realized their need for different crafting materials such as fabrics and trims. 

At that moment, she felt that it was time to pass on her knowledge and love for fashion to the younger generations.

Together with their children and their love for History, they decided to create a series of children's books that would give kids the opportunity to learn about historical costumes, the people who wore them, their creativity, and their places of action. 

Through extensive research in history and fashion history starting from 2016, they began from ancient Greece and the gods of Olympus and ended up in 2023 creating 80 outfits, until the modern world. 

This is how History LINE started being published and sold in stores and museums

Through the cute texts and games of the books, children learn in two languages (Greek - English):

• The stories of characters throughout the centuries.

• The descriptions, value, and uniqueness of handmade historical garments. About their sustainable materials and traditional construction methods.

• Different learning through interactive games.

• And at the end of the book, there is a piece of fabric with a pattern they can use to create an outfit for their doll. In this way, the forms of History gain entity, in the hands and dolls of children, helping them to make them familiar through their Traditional Clothing.

The design of the History LINE clothing is developed in other creative handicrafts as well, allowing children to engage in crafting activities.

One of the main concerns of the fashion designer Kiko Ηatzigianni is seeing the educational development of the new generations end up on a screen. She grew up with games and crafts in her hands. Through them, she created and was inspired as a child. Her clothes were few and made with environmentally friendly materials.

Some of the slogans that children can find in all the History LINE books: “History is the starting point of inspiration and creation.”

The mission and vision of this magnificent project is to be able to provide children with a different way to love history, culture, and fashion through play and creativity



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