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🌿 Welcome to Anti-Voque

Project ReColour takes on the dual challenge of combating the environmental toll of fast fashion and addressing the widespread issue of bullying, particularly affecting young girls. As the second-largest polluting industry globally, textiles contribute nearly 10% of carbon emissions and over 20% of water pollution, with dismal recycling rates at just 12% (source: Recognizing the urgent need for change, ReColour focuses on sustainable fashion education, guiding young girls to make eco-conscious choices in their clothing purchases and championing practices that reduce the industry's environmental footprint.


Beyond environmental concerns, the project confronts the alarming rates of bullying prevalent among students, especially impacting girls. By promoting sustainable fashion as a means of empowerment, ReColour not only seeks to foster a more environmentally responsible approach to clothing but also endeavors to create a safer space for girls. Through education and advocacy, the project aims to inspire positive change, encouraging informed consumer choices and fostering a sense of responsibility among the younger generation for a more sustainable and inclusive future.


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