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Bullying, Fashion Mess Up, and Self-Care: The Millennial's Guide to Ride of Their Lives

Unveiling the Truth: In a recent study spanning Portugal, Latvia, and Germany, we unearthed eye-opening statistics regarding bullying and its correlation with unconventional fashion choices. Shockingly, over 43.24% of individuals in Latvia reported being bullied for their unique appearance or for daring to embrace sustainable and upcycled fashion. Similarly, in Portugal, nearly 29% faced similar challenges, while Germany witnessed a staggering figure exceeding 30%.

We also asked our respondents what they thought could help prevent bullying itself and what advice we could give to young people who are still dealing with bullying today.

What they advised...we quote their responses in a slightly humorous manner, here are the most valuable remarks ....


Results of the survey within our project on the case of bullying in Portugal, Germany, Latvia, December 23 - February24

So, let's get started

Part 1: Being cheeky, dodging bullies

When everything else fails, unleash a barrage of spectacular comebacks. When you roast bullies over a campfire like marshmallows, they can't withstand the heat. Be careful that the severity of your burns matches your personal style.

As a warning, your eccentricities will not go out of vogue, so embrace them and flaunt them.

Be yourself and blind them with your fabulousness by embracing your uniqueness.

Using your phone to start broadcasting live is always an option in case everything else doesn't work. No bully will dare to touch you when the whole internet is behind you.

Part 2: Own It, Slay It, and Laugh It Off When It Happens to Your Style

Don't worry, crew; we've all had embarrassing wardrobe blunders. Here's how to make a style statement with those mishaps in your wardrobe:


"Take full responsibility of your fashion misstep. Who gives a hoot if your underwear is inside out or if your socks are mismatched? Look it up; it's called avant-garde.

Think of used clothing as the new Gucci and rock it. Relics of yesteryear and bargain finds? Sustainable fashion is all the rage on Instagram right now.

Plus, you can always claim that you're launching a new trend if someone dares to criticize your clothing choice. Before you can say "influencer status," they will be pleading with you for style tips.

Part 3: Engaging in Self-Care Activities: The Difficulty of Being an Adult

Keeping your mental health in control as an adult might be challenging, but we have some hilariously useful tips:


A pint of Ben & Jerry's and a Netflix marathon are the perfect reward for yourself. Because treating yourself to your favorite vices while ignoring your real obligations is the ultimate kind of self-care.

"Get down and dirty like no one's looking.  Get your groove on like Taylor Swift on a breakup bender by turning up the music and showing off your movements.

Keep in mind that the greatest love of all is self-love. Get yourself a bottle of wine, put on a face mask, and revel in your fabulousness. Dude, you're really rocking it!

What is next


For those who want to continue our conversation, we invite you to join our online workshop, where you can listen to the opinions of psychologists, share your own and meet like-minded people



Mediators of our workshop, professional psychologists

Anja Doksani

"A psychologist specialized in research and childhood studies, I have dedicated a significant portion of my career and personal life to working with youth and NGOs, aiming to spread knowledge and empowerment. From my early involvement with NGOs and youth groups during my academic years to leading volunteer programs in Tirana and serving as an Erasmus volunteer in Poland, I have consistently pursued opportunities to make a positive impact.

Throughout my journey, I have organized and facilitated numerous workshops tailored to diverse audiences, including children, youth, and professionals. My commitment lies in creating impactful learning experiences that inspire positive change in individuals and communities alike"


Certified Gestalt therapist, clinical psychologist, crisis psychologist.

Tools: art therapy, transactional analysis, DPDG and Gestalt approach.


Expertise areas:

"Gestalt approach in working with addiction".

"Working with the trauma of violence"

"Psychology of extreme situations".

"Art-therapeutic methods of work in situations of chronic stress".

"Gestalt therapy in work with children and adolescents"

"DPDG in work with trauma".

Areas of work:

- abuse trauma

- emotional dependence

- crisis situations

- teenage crises

- search for vitality and motivation

- self-knowledge and self-actualisation

- self-acceptance

Studied in Ukraine, Russia, Canada and Bermuda. I live in Portugal. I conduct psychological trainings and art therapy workshops all over Europe. Published a children's book.

Long-term work, short-term work with acute experiences.

Natalia has been successfully cooperating with the association ARTE.M for several years. She organises workshops and trainings on art therapy and motivation, and is also the project manager of several projects that the association is currently running.

The blog editorial team would like to thank  Omid Armin, Possessed Photography, Utopia By Cho, Laura Chouette, sarah-cervante for the opportunity to use your photos



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