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Retro Revival: Youth Fashion Trends Through the Eyes of a Stylist Ilze Cecina from Riga

As two sides of the same coin, fashion and style sometimes overlap. The millennial generation is extremely trend-conscious; they refuse to wear items that were "unfashionable" a few months ago. This drives the fashion industry to constantly innovate, leading to the mass production of items that harms our planet. But trends come and go, and if you're good at taking care of your clothing, listening to your body, and developing your own style, you can always mix and match vintage and pre-loved items. Our friend Riga-based stylist Ilze Cecina was kind enough to fill us in on current youth fashion trends and, who knows, maybe even provide some pointers on how to put together a vintage-inspired wardrobe.

Starting with streetwear...isn't it easy? The truth is that it's not exactly. Rules are also in place.

What is it street wear

  • blend of casual comfort&

  • oversized silouettes&

  • graphic T-shirts, hoodies and sneakers

The term "bold" is used in the fields of graphic design and typography to describe a stronger and thicker version of a font compared to its normal or standard weight. The enhanced emphasis and visual weight produced by bold fonts are a consequence of their increased stroke weight.

To put it simply, unisex clothing is apparel that is intended to be worn by both men and women, with the goal of creating a more homogeneous appearance. Life, a weekly American magazine that existed from 1883 until 1972, was the first to introduce the word "unisex" in 1968.

Both boys and girls can feel comfy if they combine everything with taste.....

The next wildly popular trend downtown girl

Her choice:

  • Grundge fashion style&

  • laid-back clothing pieces&

  • Moody hues as black,

  • gray and earth tones

Next we move on to simplicity, which is not quite so simple and makes you think about the selection of clothes and accessories and even perfume....

clean girl aesthetic

& scandinavian girl

& Stockholm style

  • minimalist approach to beauty and fashion &

  • well-fitting clothes in neutral tones&

  • simple hairstyles

Maybe a Scandinavian girl would enjoy hanging out with a soft boy

going baggy, but with control - a style of men’s fashion that is geared more towards guys that want to display their more sensitive side and artistic hobbies

TikTok popularized e-girls and e-boys, often known as e-kids, a Gen Z youth subculture that arose in the late 2010s. It blends emo, scene, and mall goth with Japanese and Korean street fashion.

E boy (electronic boy)

electronic boy :

Punk &

Emo &

Goth &


Skatebord &

Scene culture &

Pop culture &

Anime &


OMG.... scumbro (skuhm-broh) This style is something special.

A style of dress, worn by young males, consisting of expensive branded clothes arranged in an intidy manner

A scumbro is a low-key hypebeast who wears streetwear ironically. From distance, he appears like that college student who bathed weekly. Up close? Brands abound on him. Indeed, he's spending a lot on his outfit.

Fortune's favourites? Not necessarily, but they look like a million old money style

  • ...quiet luxury...

  • ...more about quality than quantity...

  • ...classic warrobe staples that stand the test of time

Are you on trend?

TREND 2024

Can we now say...same, same, same ...maybe...if you have found your style and successfully combine your preloved clothes and are a good hunter in vintage shops...then yes...combine rather than buy....REcolour



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