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THREADS UNRAVELED: Exposing the DARK SIDE of Fast Fashion

Today we present the first movie in a series of films about the Fast Fashion Industry that will alter your perspective on clothing.

We thank REMAKE community for your work and providing a selection of films...really impressive and thought-provoking.

In these forthcoming documentaries, we will delve into the disturbing world of fast fashion and the industry that produces it. Learn the ugly reality of the trillion-dollar garment industry, where human trafficking, pollution, and other human rights abuses are rampant. The terrible truths that still plague people and the planet are brought to light in these documentaries.

Made in America

The phrase “Made in America” has recently gained a lot of attention in political discourse, but can we trust the claims made by companies that use it? Fair wages are still not being paid to many garment makers in Los Angeles, California, and around the nation, and labor rights violations happen every day in the US. We need to stop looking through the pretense and get down to brass tacks when it comes to American manufacturing.


This is the era of hyper-consumption, and the fashion industry is the clearest example of this. These days, "fast fashion" is all the rage. Many people are always purchasing new garments, fueled by gaudy advertising campaigns.

There seems to be no end to the flow of new collections hitting store shelves, with many offering ridiculously low prices. Customers can now shop guilt-free, according to the information campaigns launched by certain textile behemoths. Eco-friendly labels, purportedly manufactured in accordance with stringent environmental standards, have recently become fashionable for clothing labels to promote.

Now, though, is it all real? In order to uncover the truth about the textile factories that produce a large amount of clothing for the European market, two reporters decide to go undercover. They find out how much damage the industry has done to the environment and how businesses are cashing in on the sustainability trend.

The sentence is a bit of a mouthful, but it needs paraphrasing to be understood.

Get insight into the world beyond the news headlines with DW Documentary.

From the most opulent fashion houses to the poorest urban slums, Stella McCartney, Livia Firth, and Vandana Shiva are just a few of the world-renowned figures interviewed for the groundbreaking documentary The True Cost, which takes viewers on a breathtaking global tour and gives them a glimpse into the lives of the people and places that make our clothes.


'The Machinists,' a British documentary from 2010, follows the lives of garment factory workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who produce clothing for well-known high street brands such as Zara, Primark, and H&M. The projection company Rainbow Collective is releasing a trilogy on the subject, with 'Tears in the Fabric' and 'Udita (Arise)' coming out soon after. Filmmakers Hannan Majid and Richard York sidestep sensationalist plot points by following a union boss's (and three women's) efforts to get the fashion industry to stop exploiting its employees for profit.


Following the tragic loss of a coworker in a factory fire, a textile worker takes a stand for employee rights.

A garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh employs Shimu, a 23-year-old. She and her coworkers decide to form a union after experiencing bad working conditions.

Shimu is resolute in her determination to continue, even in the face of management threats and her husband's disapproval. The women must stand united and fight for their freedom.


Leaders, innovators, and designers from all over the world come together in the documentary The Next Black to have an honest conversation about clothes. Beyond the obvious question of what we wear, it delves into the production process, our interactions with garments, and their maintenance. We were inspired by the new ideas and passions that each of the interviewees brought to the table regarding the future of the fashion industry.



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