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Crafting Narratives Through Upcycled Threads: The Artistry of Vlad

In the realm of fashion, where creativity knows no bounds, Vlad emerges as a beacon of innovation, weaving narratives through upcycled threads and reimagined designs. Born in the quaint Ukrainian village of Lypky in the Zhytomyr region, Vlad's journey into the world of fashion was not a conventional one. While his formal education led him down the path of culinary arts, it was his passion for garment-making that truly ignited his soul

Drawing Inspiration from Unexpected Corners

For Vlad, inspiration is a multifaceted gem, gleaming from the pages of books, melodies of music, and the reels of movies. Yet, it is the garments crafted by other designers, especially those with a rich history, that ignite his creative flame. Like a mosaic artist gathering fragments, Vlad collects design elements, echoing Yohji Yamomoto's mantra of finding oneself through imitation.

Embracing Upcycling as a Concept

The ethos of upcycled fashion resonates deeply with Vlad's creative ethos, offering boundless avenues for expression. Reflecting on his beginnings, Vlad acknowledges the influence of brands like Steno515, infusing punk-rock chaos with his own organized flair, illustrating the limitless potential of upcycling

Balancing functionality with artistic expression is a tightrope act for Vlad. While he occasionally sacrifices utility for the sake of art, his preference leans towards simple yet elegant designs over hi-tech complexities

Vlad's craft finds solace in simplicity, primarily working with knitwear and denim. The seamless fusion of these materials underscores his mastery, showcasing how the right thread and needle can enhance rather than diminish their character.

Vlad confronts the specter of thoughtless production and consumption haunting the fashion industry. Witnessing the wasteful discarding of unsold garments, he advocates for a shift towards sustainable practices, one stitch at a time

I think this is thoughtless production and consumption. I saw a lot of shots, where they are big brands throw copies of things that didn't sell into landfills. of course i understand that you cannot change the global situation, but you still need to start somewhere.

While the primary language of fashion is beauty, Vlad endeavors to infuse narratives into his creations. From biblical motifs to personal tales, his works resonate with depth, transcending mere aesthetic appeal.

Navigating Creative Constraints

The creative process is not without its challenges, as Vlad navigates the constraints of material scarcity and design limitations. Improvisation becomes his ally, breathing life into his vision even in the face of adversity

At the heart of Vlad's creations lies an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality. From selecting high-quality threads to meticulous needlework, every stitch is a testament to his dedication.

Vlad's artistic journey is marked by fluidity, with his tastes evolving over time. What once captivated him may eventually lose its allure, a testament to his growth as an artist.

Client Collaboration and Creative Integrity

Collaboration with clients is a delicate dance between vision and compromise. While Vlad strives to harmonize their desires with his aesthetic sensibilities, he remains steadfast in his commitment to integrity and artistic vision.

From scouring second-hand stores to breathing life into sketches, Vlad's creative process is a symphony of meticulous planning and hands-on craftsmanship. Each step, from conception to execution, is infused with passion and purpose.

In the heart of Vlad's creations lies a fusion of artistry and sustainability, a testament to the transformative power of fashion. As he continues to weave stories through stitches, Vlad invites us to reimagine the possibilities of upcycled fashion, one garment at a time.



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