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Crafting Sustainability: The Artistry of Olska Green

In a landscape where fashion often rushes from one trend to the next, Olska Green stands as a beacon of sustainability and creativity. As the founder of Ecoolska, a forward-thinking sustainable fashion brand based in Portugal, Green's journey is more than just about designing clothes; it's a mission to redefine fashion through a blend of eco-consciousness and artistic expression.

Seeking Inspiration from Life's Palette


When asked about her wellspring of inspiration, Green's response is rooted in the everyday marvels of life. Her designs are a testament to the beauty found in art, nature, and the human experience. Each piece she creates is infused with stories, capturing the essence of the world around her.


Elevating Upcycled Fashion with a Twist


For Green, upcycled fashion is a canvas for innovation. She's drawn to denim, reimagining thrifted materials into pieces that blend nostalgia with contemporary style. Inspired by a diverse array of artists and movements, from Matisse to Banksy, Green's designs reflect her eclectic taste and bold vision.


Balancing Form and Function


At the heart of Green's creations lies a delicate balance between functionality and artistry. Her upcycled collections are not just about making a statement; they're about making a difference. By repurposing thrifted clothes, Green champions a zero-waste ethos, proving that sustainability can be seamlessly woven into fashion.


“Our upcycling collections are bold & disruptive in order to attract the attention of the public eye to the huge issue behind the fashion industry. 150 billion clothes are produced every single year. 92 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills. Only 1% is actually recycled. We should act now and recycle thrifted clothes

At Ecoolska, we are committed to transforming the fashion industry into a more sustainable and innovative one. Disruptive upcycling collections are made entirely from thrifted clothes - it’s indeed a zero-waste production.

Crafting Stories with Sustainable Threads


Storytelling is at the core of Green's artistry. Each garment she creates carries a narrative—a journey from thrift store find to wearable art. While her inspirations aren't tied to specific cultural or historical elements, Green's designs resonate with contemporary narratives and personal aesthetics, appealing to a diverse audience.


“It is not exactly a challenge, yet constraint - upcycling is still something to which the current society is not adapted in masses (only the distinctive younger audience). One of the main challenges we face is balancing cost and sustainability, especially as eco-friendly materials and processes can often be more expensive. “


Navigating Challenges in Upcycling


Green acknowledges the hurdles of upcycling in a society still adapting to sustainable practices. Balancing cost and sustainability can be daunting, but Green embraces the challenge with creativity and resilience. By carefully selecting thrifted garments of exceptional quality, she ensures the durability and longevity of her creations.

“All the things I created are my favorite, because I create them with my soul”


A Personal Odyssey

Olska Green's journey is as remarkable as her creations. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, she stands as a trailblazer. As a co-host of the Digital Couture Summit during Milan Fashion Week, Green continues to push boundaries, merging digital technologies with traditional craftsmanship to shape the future of fashion.


In a world where fashion often speaks of excess and waste, Olska Green's vision offers a ray of hope. Through Ecoolska, she invites us to rethink fashion as a platform for creativity, sustainability, and self-expression—a platform where artistry and ethics converge to create a brighter tomorrow.



To transform the fashion industry into a sustainable and innovative one




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