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Riga Rewind: Exploring the City's Vintage Fashion Hotspots

Riga is known as the vintage shopping mecca of Latvia. Buying clothes from secondhand stores is a common occurrence, whether it's for children's clothing, everyday wear, or special occasion attire. Buying vintage is rational, accepted by everyone, and a lot of fun. Finding something unique is already like going on a hunt. We have a lofty goal: to compile a short guide to Riga's vintage stores, with a focus on the area known in the city center. There are our favorite finds from that endeavor.

"Pop Life Vintage"

  • Aleksandra čaka 53, entrance from Stabu street

Shop selling vintage items...Jana Hermane, the owner, got her start in the vintage industry about ten months ago, although she's been doing this for a long time; what started off as a passion has evolved into a rewarding career, and she runs a fascinating company. There are casual, daily clothing, and Jana's selection of distinctive garments for events, all of which have a touch of inventiveness and sparkle from the times. Jana has impeccable choice in antique clothing by donning a horsewoman jacket with «military» galife trousers.

"TUVU" charity store

  • Aleksandra Čaka 71

Shop has been open for seven years, while the organization itself is ten years old. Additionally, in the Latvian city of Jelgava, there is another charity store. A German group named "GAINS" is one of this store's primary backers and partners. The fact that this store donates 100% of its profits—both monetary and otherwise—sets it apart from similar establishments. They collaborate with other groups that support youth, including social services agencies. They put up a camp for disadvantaged youth once a year. Additionally, once a year, the construction business "UPE" and several youths choose a deserving family to assist renovate their home. People of all ages, including dogs, frequent this business! People mostly buy here because they care about the cause, because they want to have a positive impact. The most challenging aspect of working at a charity shop is dealing with customers who contribute their rubbish without knowing what it is for. Maintaining a welcoming and homey vibe is the simplest.

"Otra Elpa"

  • Marija 8   

  • Stabu 35

The concept for this store originated in a UK charity shop, and the organization is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, having started in 2013. All the things are sourced from locals, which is the key distinction. Although they provide material and financial support to several organizations, the Children's Hospital Donor Center Liver Transplant Foundation receives the bulk of their donations. Everyone from normal folks to those in need to the trendiest women in town may find anything at "Otra Elpa" stores, which also cater to collectors. The most pleasant aspect of my job is the constant reminder that you are contributing to a worthy cause, which makes going to work each day seem less like work. And the idea that you can assist both the shop's customers and those who aren't physically there. You never complain about going to work.


"Tavi draugi" Charity shop for Ukraine

  • Ģertrūdes 32

The Ukrainian charity store reopened on March 19, 2024. By selling various objects that individuals have generously given away, it is intended to assist the Ukrainian people. Vinyl, dish, and book collectors, as well as those in their twenties and thirties, frequent this establishment. The lovely customers are the simplest aspect of dealing with the job, according to the lady who works there; dealing with thieves is the toughest. We struck up a conversation with a very busy but kind employee—who happened to be a fashion designer—and asked for her advice on a unique outfit; she suggested a pair of vintage boots and a light, breezy white skirt.

Nortern grip

  • Kr.Barona, 44

Since 2023, this business has been selling pre-owned garments. You can find more high-end labels than at your average thrift shop, plus there's a bar to relax with a cup of coffee or something stronger.

One of the employees told me that interacting with customers is the best part of his job, but that explaining the high costs for a used business is the most difficult.


  • Ģertrūdes 16 

  • Alfrēda Kalniņa 2

  • Brīvības 62

The staff lacked warmth and distinctive vintage appeal, which disappointed us despite the store's status as one of the area's biggest second hand shops. On the contrary, we discovered a multitude of randomly selected things. We regret to inform you that there are other vintage shops where you will be treated with the dignity and passion that you deserve.

The chain's shop on Ģertrūdes 16 street, nevertheless, was interesting. Wear whatever makes you happy—a stylish headgear, a colorful blouse from yesteryear, a real kimono, or anything else you can think of—because this location has a clear vintage flavor.




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