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The UPCYCLED Elegance of Le Corsete by Svitlana

Updated: Feb 4

Meet Svitlana, the Sweet Seamstress: Born in Ukraine and residing in Poland for five years, Svitlana navigates the delicate balance of living in two homes. Her love for sewing was kindled by her grandmother, who expertly crafted skirts on an old Singer machine. Childhood dreams of sewing for Barbie dolls evolved into a passion for upcycling, unknowingly setting the stage for Le Corsete.

As Svitlana's dream unfolds, Le Corsete is poised to become more than just a brand. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity, sustainability, and the art of transforming discarded fabrics into timeless, everyday masterpieces..

 My name is Svitlana, or whatever my nickname has become, thanks to my friends Sweety, which means "sweet" in English.

Inspiration from Cinema's Grandeur

The genesis of Le Corsete lies in the cinematic magic of "Gone with the Wind," where the art of repurposing old curtains sparked the desire to create unique corsets. Channeling Coco Chanel's mission to liberate women from restrictive corsets, Svitlana envisioned a return to fashion with a modern, environmentally friendly twist.

From Opulence to Upcycling

In ancient times, corsets were symbols of opulence, crafted from expensive materials. Svitlana's innovation flips the narrative, turning discarded items into comfortable, environmentally conscious corsets. Stains and wear become opportunities for transformation, giving a second life to materials deemed irrelevant.

Vintage and Casual

Le Corsete traverses two distinct directions – vintage and casual. From old polo shirts of renowned brands to vintage curtains, every piece carries a unique history. The corsets seamlessly blend modern design with recycled materials, challenging conventional notions and proving that fashion can be both timeless and sustainable

Love and thirst for sewing arose when my grandmother sewed skirts of a simple cut for herself, and I enthusiastically watched how she skillfully sewed on her old rare Singer machine. Now the grandmother says that this is her gift from her. the only thing is that I am not sure whether I will master that beauty, the craftsmen will understand me, because it is much more convenient when the machine is electric. But my grandmother's machine will always be that childhood dream for me - to sew. Therefore, as a little girl, I skillfully created collections of clothes for my Barbies from scraps of fabric, which my mother's friend gave me every month. It was the remnants of fabrics from designer evening dresses, I still remember those incredibly shiny fabrics, it is hard to imagine what kind of elegant dresses were sewn. That is why I got acquainted with the subject of upcycling long ago as a child, without even having an idea of the benefits it brings to our planet and our environment

Crafting with Purpose

Svitlana meticulously sews each corset, dedicating two days to ensure they are not mere products of fast fashion. The brand logo is a vital part, contributing 50% to the new corset, with the remaining 99% composed of recycled materials. The result is a collection of unique, high-quality corsets designed for everyday wear.

I want my corsets to be so unique, high-quality and practical, in short, corsets for everyday life, that's why I spend 2 days sewing one corset, because it's not fast fashion, a product sewn in an hour, my every action must be thought out and every the line is perfect

The final touch involves the selection of tape – a process Svitlana cherishes. In moments, her masterpieces are ready to grace the wardrobes of clients and followers, showcasing the perfect blend of art and functionality.

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