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Vintage Vibes: Exploring Málaga's Creative Underground with REcolour.Anti-voque

Updated: Feb 21

In today's world, where consumption often exceeds necessity, particularly with people buying clothes far more frequently than they actually need, driven by promotions, we stand against fast fashion. Instead, we seek out interesting second-hand stores that create that incredible vintage charm and make a significant contribution to changing the mindset of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Málaga, a lovely city, home to Picasso and Banderas, is famous, noisy, and multinational. We were delighted to find a vintage shop, Oysters, right in the heart of the city, in the renowned Soho district – a place where artists, intellectuals, and of course, many tourists gather.

Oysters vintage shop in Malaga

The lovely Marta, both a photographer and shop assistant, was a brave soul who agreed to chat with us and even allowed us to take some photos on the spot, without any prior preparation. Marta herself turned out to be a remarkably interesting and creative individual, as well as a talented photographer. She embodies the vibrant spirit of the new Spanish creative youth, consciously and joyfully selecting her wardrobe from vintage stores.

Marta O. Nillsson our lovely interlocutor and talented photographer from Málaga, fashion consultant for the "Oysters"shop

Who your customer is, who buys the most clothes and accessories from your shop ?

Under the banner of our project Oysters we've already established two shops

While our clients and guests mostly consist of foreigners, tourists, and students, we've observed that in Spain, the concept of second-hand shops and clothing recycling isn't as popular.

Unfortunately for now spanish people often prefer purchasing new clothes from mass-market retailers without considering the environmental impact of fashion.

Despite this, we've found that our shop has garnered popularity among the local Spanish residents in the city. We're immensely proud and thrilled that our establishment has played a part in this shift.

We can already see that your place is super cozy, clean, creatively decorated, you want to stay here for a long time. Congratulations!!!!!

On the other hand, maybe you have some words of wisdom for those who are considering starting their own antique shop.

For those contemplating opening their own second-hand shops, we recommend maintaining a strong presence on social media, creating a unique and inviting store atmosphere, and, of course, curating a selection of items that resonates with your target audience, adjusting it over time to meet their evolving needs. We also want to emphasize that opening a vintage shop in a location where the concept of second-hand is extremely unpopular requires a great deal of courage.

Tnank you Marta,

From our editorial team, we extend our best wishes to these shops and invite anyone visiting or residing in Málaga to explore the cozy art eco-space of Oysters.



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